Dry shipping

Dry Shipping is the "umbrella" term that is used for the practice in which international maritime cases are dealt with. In general, these concern legally complex issues, that require short-term action and regularly involve private international law aspects.

Van Traa assists in, among other issues, cases with regard to:

  • Recourse for damage to cargo
  • Lost bills of lading
  • Bunker disputes
  • General average issues
  • Exercise of liens
  • Disputes in respect of bills of lading (B’s/L), sea way bills and charter parties
  • Termination of transport agreements
  • Multi modal transport
  • Freight collections
  • Arrests (of vessels, bunkers, cargo, evidence and bank accounts) 
  • Insurance policy disputes
  • Bankruptcy issues

If the cargo is delivered in a damaged condition, it is important that the damage is assessed, the cause is investigated and that security in the form of a guarantee is arranged to recover the damage in a later stage. In order to prove the liability of the shipping company, evidence needs to be collected. Often, the cargo interested party is not given the opportunity to make investigations. In such cases, Van Traa may assist in arresting evidence, arranging for a preliminary witness hearing and/or appointing a court surveyor. In order to motivate carriers to provide security, arrest of the vessel or bunkers is a possibility.  

Vice versa, if the cargo has damaged the vessel or if the vessel interested party has incurred extraordinary costs during carriage or has suffered damage, it is important that their rights are secured. Van Traa assists them, for instance by providing advice on exercising liens and arranging security, possibly by making arrests.

Carriage by sea often involves international disputes. Frequently, the question arises which country is most suitable to take legal action in. Van Traa regularly advises in that respect. By virtue of the broad correspondents’ network action can be taken quickly, if necessary.

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