The Dutch shipbuilding industry has a worldwide leading position; especially for challenging projects such as cable-laying vessels, dredging vessels and super yachts. These are custom projects, which not only applies to the technical specifications, but also to the agreements between the principals and the shipyards, as well as to the agreements between the shipyard and the mostly international suppliers and subcontractors. 

It often concerns agreements with a hybrid character; with partly the characteristics of contracting and partly the characteristics of contracts of sale and purchase, often in an international setting. Knowledge of and experience with international trade and transport is required, as well as quick access to (knowledge about) other jurisdictions. Van Traa possesses the necessary expert knowledge and experience and is happy to deploy it for one of the most beautiful Dutch business sectors. 

The specialists at Van Traa think along on how to briefly and efficiently document agreements. Their knowledge of the various legal elements that coincide in such building projects helps them  to quickly identify risks and propose solutions.

One cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs, so if things go wrong, they also know about insurance. Usually, it concerns special stipulations under a building insurance, guarantee insurance and other policies that may apply in the event of shipbuilding related damage. 


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