Complaints policy

Van Traa Advocaten N.V. is committed to act in the clients' best interest at all times. Nevertheless it may be possible that you, as our client, are unsatisfied with certain aspects of our services. In that case you may wish to file a complaint with us.

In that case we kindly request you to first of all discuss your complaint with the lawyer responsible for the relevant matter. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of that discussion you can address your complaint to our complaints officer R.L.S.M. Pessers ( or, in case your complaint would concern Robert Pessers, to V.R. Pool (

We will try to solve your complaint as soon as possible. A solution will always be confirmed to you in writing.
Below you can find the regulations that contain the procedure in case of any complaint filed. If you have any questions regarding those regulations, please do not hesitate to contact our complaints officer.

  1. Definitions 

    Any expression of discontent that reasonably qualifies as such made orally or in writing by (or on behalf of) the client with regard to the services provided by the attorney.

    The client expressing a complaint or his representative.

    Complaints procedure
    The procedure used at the firm to handle complaints. 

    Complaints policy 
    This document, being the written description of the complaints procedure used at the firm. 

    Complaints officer
    The person, not being the attorney against whom the complaint is directed, who is entrusted with the handling of the complaint. The complaints officer is Mr R.L.S.M. Pessers, who can be reached via P.O. Box 21390, 3001 AJ Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

    Complaint file 
    An internal file to be kept for each complaint, in which all documents related to the relevant complaint are to be included. 

  2. Objectives 

    The objectives of the complaints policy are: 

    I   Recording a procedure to handle complaints from clients in a constructive manner within a reasonable period; 
    II  Recording a procedure to establish the causes of client complaints; 
    III Maintaining and improving existing client contacts by properly handling complaints, with employees being trained in a client-focused approach in responding to complaints and aiming at improving the quality of services by means of complaints handling and complaints analysis. 

  3. The internal complaints procedure

    3.1 If a client approaches the firm in any way whatsoever with a complaint, the relevant attorney handling the case is informed. 

    3.2 The relevant attorney will try to reach a solution together with the client, if necessary after consulting the complaints officer. 

    3.3 The relevant attorney, or the complaints officer, will ensure that the complaint is handled properly, with due observance of this complaints policy. 

    3.4 Confidentiality is guaranteed under all circumstances. 

    3.5 The decision on the complaint is communicated to the client in writing. 

    3.6 If the client feels that the complaint has not been resolved to his satisfaction, the matter is submitted to the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession. 

  4. Registration and classification of the complaint 

    4.1 All complaints are registered by the complaints officer using a separate complaint file for each complaint. 

    4.2 The complaint is classified according to its nature into the following categories:
         I. complaints about the attorney’s working method or demeanour;
         II. complaints about legal substantive aspects of the services provided;
         III. complaints about financial aspects of the services provided;
         IV. complaints about the practice in general.

    4.3 A complaint can be classified in more than one category. 
  5. Responsibilities

    5.1 The attorney involved and (subsequently) the complaints officer are responsible for dealing with and resolving the complaint. 

    5.2 The complaints officer is responsible for the completeness of the complaints file. 

    5.3 The attorney involved will keep the complaints officer informed of the progress of the complaint. 

    5.4 In principle, the complaint is to be resolved by the firm in writing within two months. 

    5.5 The complaints officer ensures that the complainant receives feedback.


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