Our history

Van Traa Advocaten was established in December 1898 by Willem Anne van Traa. Undeterred by the complete destruction of his offices on the Wijnhaven during the bombardments of Rotterdam in 1940, his positive spirit and entrepreneurial drive led him set up a new legal practice with two partners in Van Traa’s current office building, the Minervahuis, located on de Meent.

After the war, Van Traa became a household name. Especially that of Hans van Traa, the son of the founder, who built up an excellent reputation in the practice of transport law.

From the 1990’s onwards, Van Traa also focused on Insurance & Liability in addition to Trade, Transport and Logistics. This formed the beginning of a long-standing cooperation between Van Traa and the brokers and insurers of the Rotterdam Insurance Exchange.

We are appreciated by our clients because of the special attention we give to their business and the tailor-made legal advice we provide. Made possible by our continual investment in knowledge development and the dedicated training of our lawyers.

We are proud that Van Traa has remained at the top of the market for many years and are particularly proud of the recognition given to us by our clients.


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