Authorities: supervision and enforcement

Many of the market sectors that Van Traa serves are experiencing an increase of inspections and enforcement procedures by supervisory authorities such as ISZW, ILT, DCMR (and other environmental services), NVWA, SKAL (organic), and the Customs Authorities.

Wherever there are rules, there is a supervisor to check and enforce observance of those rules. Think in this connection of rules in the fields of food and product safety, transport, storage, import and export, but also environmental regulations and rules about foreign employees. Supervisors often wear two hats and it is not clear where exactly the border is between the obligation to cooperate and the right to remain silent. Certainly when there is a threat of confiscation or destruction of a product or a threat of a product recall, matters may become quite hectic.

You can count on Van Traa for:

  • Compliance: prevention is obviously better than any cure. That is why Van Traa should like to advise you in the field of Regulatory & Compliance.
  • Handling: courses and trainings and reference material such as handouts and scenarios for dawn raids and inspections.
  • Incident management: we can advise and assist in the submission of the required reports to authorities in the event of environmental and safety incidents.
  • Assistance: in the event of dawn raids and inspections by supervisors.
  • Support: in the event of proceedings under public law; think of warnings, recovery of costs and enforcement requests but also objection to a burden subject to a penalty, legal action against an administrative fine or opposing the withdrawal of a permit or recognition.
  • Advice: about contracts, contractual recovery of costs, supervision and enforcement concerning suppliers and contracting parties.
  • Publication and information: naturally you can also turn to us for proceedings about the publicity of government information (requests under the Dutch Freedom of Information Act (Wob)) or when the authorities want to publish (naming & shaming) your (negative) inspection results or sanctioning.
  • Recall team: with a good network of international correspondents we can unburden your organization in the event of an incident or recall. If necessary, we can be reached 24/7 (phone in an emergency: 00 31 6 20 21 05 66).

Publicaties Authorities: supervision and enforcement


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