Energy is about oil, gas and wind and solar energy. Van Traa focuses on providing advice on energy production and energy distribution.

The specialists at Van Traa, for example, advised on the question of which law is applicable to the construction of a wind mill park at sea. This advice also concerned the rules of international private law, rules of law that dictate which national law – or which treaty – is applicable in an international situation. In international private law, questions regarding property rights and proprietary rights, such as the right of pledge and mortgage, are involved in an international setting.

Gas trade often concerns contracts with regard to sale, storage, processing and transport of fuels. We provide advice on the negotiations of these contracts or assist on drafting them.

For the storage and transport of oil, gas and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) it may concern a throughout agreement for the unloading and processing of LNG and delivery of regasified natural gas at a gate terminal.
LNG mainly comprises of methane that is liquefied by freezing it to a temperature of –160 degrees Celsius. This transition of gas to a liquid means a volume reduction of approximately 600:1. This makes it possible to transport large amounts of gas in liquid form, specifically by LNG ships.

After arrival in the destination port, the LNG will be regasified and thus will become available for sale and further transport. The caloric value of LNG is usually more important for the buyer than the volume that is delivered.

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