The Dutch part of the North Sea is the venue of a large number of offshore activities and projects, such as oil and gas exploration, wind mill park construction and decommissioning of platforms. These projects involve a large variety of parties, such as oil majors, (maritime) constructors, diving companies and shipowners.

Due to the considerable (liability) risks involved in such projects, it is vital to appreciate these and make them manageable. For this reason parties involved often conclude large contracts. These are usually drafted on the basis of standard formats as available for the particular industry (BIMCO, FIDIC, LOGIC etc.), which may be adjusted according to the specific project.

The lawyers at Van Traa regularly assist in drafting and negotiating offshore related project agreements, such as EPCI, Transport & Installation, SUPPLYTIME 2005/2017, HEAVYCON 2007, TOWCON 2008 etc.

Knock-for-knock’ and ‘fit for purpose’ are familiar terms to the team. Because of their expertise on contracts, Insurance and maritime law they are able to quickly identify (contractual) risks and advise on practical solutions.

Also when problems arise during the execution of these projects, the specialists of Van Traa can be sought for assistance as they are experts in offshore project dispute resolution.

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