Maarten Claringbould

Of Counsel

Maarten is of counsel at Van Traa and professor emeritus in Maritime Law at Leiden University and is considered a great authority in the area of maritime law.

Maarten started his career as a lawyer in 1975 at a renowned Rotterdam maritime law firm. In 2001, he transferred to Van Traa, where he worked as a lawyer and headed the internal Know How Department.

In 1995, Maarten was appointed as a (part time) professor Maritime Law at Leiden University . In December 2017, Maarten held his farewell address.

Maarten is a board member of the Dutch Transport Law Association (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Vervoerrecht) and associate professor at the postgraduate Grotius Transport Law training course. Furthermore, he is a popular speaker and he publishes frequently in the area of maritime and transport law.
Among other things, Maarten wrote the explanation to the General Transport Conditions 2002 (AVC 2002) 'Toelichting op de AVC 2002'.

Transport & Logistics
Dutch, English, German, French


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