STIG - Sustainable Transport Insurance Group

July 2023

When it comes to sustainability, transport does not have a good reputation. Transport accounts for a significant proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions; working conditions are not always up to scratch; and the way live animals are treated is also sometimes distressing. That transport is facing a challenging transition is clear. That this transition will also affect the transport insurance sector as well.

The various legislators are increasingly assuming chain liability. They also explicitly look at insurers; see, for instance, the bill for the Responsible and Sustainable International Business Act. The role of transport insurers is much less clear just as how transport insurers can respond to this transition. Should insurers facilitate, drive or wait and see?

And that is exactly why STIG was set up. To start that discussion with all stakeholders in the chain to make a joint contribution to making the sector more sustainable. Thus, during the VNAB Co-podium on 20 June 2023, STIG provided interactive workshops entitled: "Transport insurance sector: part of the problem and/or part of the solution?". A great example that engaging with each other is necessary and useful: brokers expressed the feeling that insurers are not interested in insuring new technologies, while insurers indicated that they are open to it and even looking for it.

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STIG Netherlands
René Doff, Anneke Kooiman, Jolien Kruit, Steven de Lijster, Paul Littooij, Angela Pieneman and Marc Schuling.

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